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After  the enclosure , the plants are the essence of a building functional and comfortable. A good housing is made with passive systems ensures a high well-being with little energy, with a consequent reduction of thermal loads and, therefore, the use of air-conditioning systems of small size . A good housing system with a minimal are the secret of the design and renovation Passivhaus and Casaclima.
At the same cost, a smaller plant will use a lot more innovation and efficiency for:

  • Controlled mechanical ventilation, central or timely
  • Climate control : heating and cooling
  • Electrical system
  • Home automation system KNX - BAC - TBM
  • Thelighting both natural and artificial
  • Security system : alarm system, anti-theft, anti-theft, anti-intrusion, access control, video surveillance
  • Plant renewable energy solar photovoltaic
  • Plant renewable energy solar thermal for DHW production hot water and heating integration
  • Installation of water and sanitation
Controlled Mechanical Ventilation
The ventilation is an essential element to the comfort and your health.

The air exchange is required by law, and every 2 hours a good user would have to open the windows, but not always you do it..... and in the night ?


Only a system of mechanical ventilation controlled, known as VMC, which is constantly can provide this service to our health by removing CO2, the volatile components are organic and non-VOC substances, even toxic detergents and cleaners, controls the steam and humidity produced in the house. If you want to know the consequences of bad ventilation visit our page Sick Building


The VMC is silent, especially during the night, has a heat exchanger that recovers theenergy and keeps the air of the house that is always neutral, even when cooking heavy dishes. our buildings with VMC does not have the hoods of apsirazione in the kitchen, you don't need.


For a new building or a renovation important to you install the centralized system, or if it can be invasive, you can assemble the accurate systems that connected in the network to create a dry effective in the environments.


In passive houses, but only those designed and certified Passivhaus you install the ventilation system without air conditioning; thousands of buildings around the world, even in Sicily have been made with this technique

Climate control

Heating & Cooling

An envelope bad need of an air conditioning system is important to maintain the temperature comfort 20°C in winter and 26°C in the summer with energy consumption staggering and discomfort amazing.


The techniques Passivhaus and Casaclima are aimed at the design and construction of enclosures performance in order to avoid asymmetries in the thermal walls, roofs or temperature imbalance inside of the room.


The increased payments for the thermal quality of the envelope should be to avoid the cost of the system, and then passes by large boilers (or heat pumps) 20 or 30kW you switch to the use of small but super-efficient heat pumps from 4kW or 6kW.


Do not use more gas or natural gas dangerous in its management and strongly climate impact .


The use of the systems to renewable energy such as photovoltaic panels and thermal systems together with the use of the accumulation of energy in batteries will allow you to build or renovate a building and make it Zero Energy or even Active House, that is, to produce more than it consumes.

You have to know that Zero Energy will be required prior to public buildings and from 2020 for all new building or major renovation.


The choice of the distribution system such as radiant floor or ceiling, fancoils, all air, must contend with the location and climate of the building and from the requested use.


There are no products and miracle solutions, but only solutions designed, functional and economically feasible

Electrical System

The electrical system must be "obviously" rule, to ensure your safety and reliability.

Today it opens new possibilities to transform the building into a Smart House, or a Smart Building and connect it to our mobile phone smart to pick up the alert, check the power consumption, on or off installations.

The standard CEI 64-8 ranking the facility in the level basic, standard, and home automation. When we build or renovate, you should be aware that an electric system automation, or prepared to become, is actually. The project of the electrical system is required by law, and also to obtain the concession the construction of a new building.

To avoid a sterile need cost contact us , you illustremo costs and benefits to be aware in the choices of the entrustment of the design.


Our firm mature from years of design, experience and testing on electrical systems and home automation innovative but intuitive and simple from the most economic to the most sophisticated. With the Politecnico di Milano group eERG, we work for years for the efficient use of the systems in the buildings.

Home automation - BACS - TBM

Home automation is defined by the rules in BACS - Building Automation and Control System TBM Technical Building Management .

The UNI EN15232:2012 evaluates the "energy Performance of buildings and the impact of automation, regulation and technical management of buildings"


The UNI EN15232 currency control and the impact of the system of Heating, Cooling, Domestic Hot Water, Ventilation, Lighting, solar Shading, fault Detection, and Reports on energy consumption and assign the classes a To D, depending on the performance.


The class home automation is not the energy class, but the class of the electric system automation, efficient. A building Class A-home automation can save up to an additional 30% on fuel consumption.


The class B home automation is already mandatory for new or refurbished buildings for attiità commercial.


We applichiamo la home automation as the INTEGRATION efficiency but with the simplicity and utility of the systems. The electrical system is realized with switches civil, ignition controls with on-board chip REFERENCE and a bus allows programming from a PC. Turn on and turn off the light as you have always done but you can edit and update the circuits without removing wires or open boxes. The KNX is a system with chip with distributed intelligence; no central unit that controls the subject of breakage. A non-supervisor allows to integrate the video intercom IP, alarm, cameras, music, energy monitoring, load management. scenarios ignitions and spegmineti, report on the comsumi, CO2 Temperature and humidity environments.


All on your tablet home or on the mobile phone. Wherever you are you can also respond to the postman and say that you're in the shower and leave everything in the mailbox

Security systems

Alarm -Anti-Robbery - Anti-Intrusion - Access Control - Video Surveillance

The norm CEI 79-3:2013, IEC UNI50131-1 define mode of the design levels of performance , safety, and environmental classification .

The complex apparecchiaure and installation is regulated and the complexity of the although often in small plants there is the diy.


Units with protocols, and gateway - compatible KNX allows integration with the home automation system for the acquisition of objects and states which enhance the performance of the system and make it more economic, safe and effective.


Produces a project and an installation of quality, and take advantage of the deduction alarm system and video surveillance to the 50% tax credit in 10 years is available with the home bonus and the bonus restructuring.




Photovoltaic System

& Accumulation

The photovoltaic systems have reached levels of price competitive, and today should install them.

A building with the photovoltaic system must be sized in function of the Vs. demand and affordability by leveraging the on-site Exchange with the GSE and the tax relief at 50% .


The goal is to increase the self-consumption and the electrical and home automation is critical in the energy management of your utilities to get them to work when there is sun and therefore pv production.


The installation of a group of accumulation (also called Storage) batteries, you increase the percentage of self-consumption, although it is now difficult to have a return time acceptable because of the cost.

A building with Passivhaus or House needs very little energy and therefore pv systems smaller, quality costs pollutes less and costs less.


The use of renewable energy sources is made compulsory by legislative Decree 28/2011 that imposes a quota of 50% for the production of sanitary hot water and 35% for the other costs of the building, and from January 2019 will be all 50%. A new building or renovated must comply with this requirement to be compliant. Check that the manufacturer or the firm has complied with these parameters

The Solar thermal system

In a building high-efficiency, Class-or Passivhaus and Casaclima, produce DHW Domestic Hot Water has become the main voice of the energy cost of a building.


Taking advantage of the availability of solar you can heat water with simple panels and store it in a storage 300 liters or 500 liters. The system is inexpensive, very efficient but also necessary for the respect of the law on the subject of energy efficiency of the Dlgs28/2011, which requires the production of 50% of ACS.


Do not improvise by installing a solar system without knowing the proper sizing and objective based on your consumption and not those of the supplier, to make a qualitative selection of the various manufacturers, the type of whether a continuous circulation or drainage that require different maintenance. Chiamaca your first consultation call is free of charge.

Plumbing System

A water System even simple, must have the characteristics of insulation and durability designed.


TheHot water circulating in the pipes to dissipate the heat; the pipes of the cold water can cause condensation.

The values of static pressure and dynamic determines the fact that you have a system in which the pressure remains constant even with lots of user outlets are opened.


With the solar thermal panel, you can take advantage of the hot water for your washing machine or lavastoglie with a saving on your electricity bill.


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