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Environmental and Living Comfort

Botticelli Project Sapienza & Partners

Health Home

The factors that ensure the health of the environments in which we live are linked to the quality of our second skin or building envelope.

The factor that most affects Health is the Environmental Comfort while the secondary assumes the role of Comfortbitativo

In the Project Botticelli were analyzed and designed the factors, mentioned above. by giving the highest priority to the control of environmental Comfort but do not neglect the need to have even a great Comfort.

Operating temperature without asimettrie, a great factor, daylight, adequate acoustic insulation, high air quality is guaranteed by a VMC system , from capture systems Radon, bio-based materials and certified in EC1plus, plaster and raw earth are a concrete example of what has been achieved


Environmental Comfort

Environment Comfort in a Passivhaus Casa clima Italy Sicily

The project wanted to maximize the well-being of the environments through :

  • The highest well-being thermo-hygro

  • Air quality

  • Good illumination

  • Acoustic insulation

  • Architectural features

The bad or lack of design of Environmental Comfort leads to Sick Building Syndrome. Although the law fixed the minimum, it is often neglected even in new buildings, for the benefit of alleged savings or aspects of playful luxury often useless .. The project Botticelli has set a design vision of health does not exclude the attention to the aspects of comfort living

Living comfort in a Passivhaus Casa clima Italy Sicily

Living Comfort

The Comfort of the Housing in the project Botticelli is the son of Environmental . It allows for a use more easy and intuitive interface of the building with lighting systems to automated regulation, management scenarios, the management of alarm systems, emergency, security, video intercom, surveillance and intruder detection INTEGRATED with a home automation system KNX simple and intuitive and is also responsible for the control and the correct functioning of the building .

Everything in the local or remote via your smartphone and tablet or PC