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IG Passivhaus Sicilia Passive House Italy Sicily

2021 Sapienza & Partners P.IVA IT03896200871| Design by


Botticelli Project Sapienza & Partners

Architectural Concept

The project revisits, in contemporary key, the tradition of the sicilian rural, adapting it to the needs of the occupants, contemporary and energy saving needs. We use techniques bioclimatic and ecological architecture, as well as technologies and advanced engineering.

The volumes of the residence are the two bodies out of the ground developed linearly around a patio which is the heart of the project.

Outer space, typical of the mediterranean tradition, which opens up the home environment and that, thanks to a nymphaeum, and allows you to take advantage of the process of evaporative cooling to improve comfort in warmer periods

Design Concept


In the Project Botticelli have been analyzed , designed and integrated organically in the search for Comfort of energy Efficiency , Renewable Energy Use, and Costs.

The control of the operating temperature without asimettrie, a good factor of natural light, adequate acoustic insulation, high air quality is guaranteed by a VMC system , a system to capture the Radon, bio materials or certified in EC1plus, plaster and raw earth are a concrete example of what has been achieved. Last but not least realize a building with Positive Energy "Active House" on the base of a building, Passive very low energy requirements

Particular attention to the factors that guarantee a good environmental comfort, which although regulated by law, are often overlooked. The factors that cause Sick Building Syndrome have been particularly taken care of and controlled


Energy Concept

The energy and environmental efficiency is designed and solved by a model design integrated, dynamic and adaptive. The calculation models provided by the laws and related regulations UNI simplify overly technical approach, and were used only for the purposes only of authorization of the law.

The protocols Passiv Haus and House were in context to the climate of the site in order to optimise the needs of the building system.
The project worked on the integration envelope–system– behaviour of occupants – examination of a functional and environmental with a methodology where the building is an organism that acquires "life and efficiency" thanks to the way in which the "systems" are distributed and integrated .

The efficiency depends on the efficiency of each single component but from the manner in which the entire system of the building responds, and reacts to environmental stresses and use


Technological Concept

The use of traditional building systems joined to the design thought of as integration organizes the casing of the plants and of the behaviour of the occupants.

Design a case performance detail with Zero thermal Bridges , proper insulation, doors and windows with good performance (over the cut level), controlled mechanical ventilation and sealing of the building is n50<0,6 allowed for a reduction of the heat load in summer and winter allow them to use a system of air-conditioning and heat pump of a few kW of power.

The low power consumption of < 15kWh/m2*year covered by the production of renewable solar electricity has allowed for the achievement of the goal of building more than Zero Energy, or Active House