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Botticelli Project Sapienza & Partners

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency Sapienza & Partners
The energy and environmental efficiency is designed and solved by a model design integrated, dynamic and adaptive . The calculation models provided by the laws and rules UNI TS simplify overly technical approach, and were used only for the purposes of authorisation/certification of the law. The protocols Passiv Haus and House were in context to the climate of the site by the designer in order to optimise the needs of the building system.

The designer has thought about the integration envelope – plant and equipment–the occupants–environmental conditions with a metodologa dynamic and adaptive, where the building is a system that acquires efficiency, thanks to the way in which the plants are distributed and the working balance to the inside of the housing. The efficiency depends on the efficiency of each single component but from the manner in which the entire system of the building responds, and reacts to environmental stresses and use


House envelope Botticelli projectWIndows fixing and installation Sicily Botticelli Sapienza & PartnersDetails Botticelli Sapienza & Partners
Designed to protect environments from climate variability and delete the thermal asimmetry .
The structure in reinforced concrete framed was already designed without thermal bridges. Eliminate a thermal bridge in a design has a cost equal to zero, while correct in its construction phase and makes it uneconomic. Insulation mineral wool rock continutià with all doors and windows via mono-block thermal designed with mosquito nets and frangisoli to have disappeared. The breathability of the cover is ensured through a system of controlled mechanical ventilation systems and natural ventilation the only ones to make the spare parts of air in possession of the "promotional wonders" of the systems of walls that "breathe" since the processes of the diffusion of water vapor is very marginal and sometimes dangerous for the condensation interstitial

Passive Systems

Since the project is dedicated to the Passivhaus passive systems have been used at 360° in order to exploit to the maximum the energy systems natural, so dear to our ancestors when the machines were not Shading the fixed and mobile , an interior patio with a nymphaeum , a heat exchanger underground , natural ventilation, lighting are the points on which it is focused to the design in order to respect the parameters of the calculation-energy Passive house certified Passivhaus

Natural Geothermal

The ancient buildings, the Sicilian known as "the Houses of the Sirocco", employing the technique of pre-treatment of air in ventilation, by exchanging with the soil . The soil to a given depth is not affected by seasonal temperatures of the air and stabilizes the average annual temperature of the place . The temperature of the site location of the project Botticelli is 14° C and then through a heat exchanger to the air flowing through the ground is cooled in summer or heated in winter

Comfort Ventilation

Has the duty to reciprocate continuously stale air with new air , as well as maintain the hygrometric conditions optimum relative humidity and temperature)

The air replacement in the room is regulated by the regulations of the law as very important for the quality and healthiness of the air that we breathe.

With the VMC does not have a reason to open the windows to change the air, we have a considerable energy saving because the system is equipped with a recuperator thermal-hand The ventilation or the VMC system is an important and indispensable in order to save energy and ensure comfort, humidity and indoor air quality of the environments in which we efficiency .

The VMC is not a substitute or alternative to the Natural Ventilation in the summer, but only used when it gets cold or too hot and does not make any sense to open the windows

Light & Lighting

The good lighting of the environments is fundamental for the environmental comfort . In the Project Botticelli was developed the lighting project designed to optimize the interaction between natural light and artificial light, also in terms of energy efficiency .

The study verified the impact on comfort

the visual and energy of the corpi fixtures, high-efficiency LEDS of the latest generation.

Were simulated different “scenarios” of each environment, taking into account the actual performance of the fixtures and the presence of natural lighting. Each result was compared in terms of cost–benefit ratio

Energy from renewable sources

The Project Botticelli has given priority to the quality and energy comfort of the wrap.

Then, having reduced the energy demand of the production of The minimum energy required to cover the minimum requirements is produced by a solar system permico ler the ACS while the Photovoltaic panels cover all of the serviizi electric.

The project Botticelli is a building all electric​

Building Automation

The search of the home automation system has focused on the open protocol EIB /KNX. It ensures the compatibility installation components from different manufacturers and the availability of components at the normal stores . The programming with the ETS provides stability, strength and affiudabilità of the operation.

A supervisor can be used to supervise , control and monitor via smartphone, tablet, IOS or Android, or PC. in local and remote .
The great advantage of the system designed and installed is the INTEGRATION of control and supervision of all sub-systems , intrusion detection , video surveillance , video intercom IP , turning on the lights, commands, zones, appliances, irrigation, air-conditioning, load management, or scenarios