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IG Passivhaus Sicilia Passive House Italy Sicily

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Project Botticelli

Passivhaus - Casaclima  Gold

Built in 2011 and delivered to the client in 2012, is the first building in the South of Italy to be certified by the two most prestigious European institutes and independent PassivHaus (D) and the Agency Casaclima (BZ)

Located in the Town of Mascalucia on the slopes of Etna and thanks to the low energy requirements and production systems of renewable sources is able to produce more energy than it consumes.

It is a building fully electric, realized by applying the protocols of quality design and construction PassivHaus and CasaClima Gold, suitably adapted to the mediterranean climate. In collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano Group-eERG is used in the method of calculation in the dynamic regime that is able to simulate the problems related to the climate and to the management of the high summer temperatures.

The primary objectives of the project was to build a building with high Comfort, Healthy, and Energy Efficient.

Passivhaus Botticelli Project ing Carmelo Sapienza Sapienza & PartnersBotticelli Project ing Carmelo Sapienza Sapienza & PartnersBotticelli Project Mascalucia ing Carmelo Sapienza Sapienza & PartnersBotticelli Project ing Carmelo Sapienza Sapienza & Partners


Absolutely traditional, with load-bearing structure in reinforced concrete with masonry infills pores, mineral wool insulation and the window frames are PVC with triple glass.

Energy efficiency and Comfort made with the protocol design and development in order Passivhaus and Casaclima with the final certification of the Quality and Blower Door test at the end.

Air quality is controlled with a VMC system of ventilation comfort.

Renewable energy : geothermal energy underground to the surface, photovoltaic and solar thermal.

Systems, heat pump system of management control and supervision, Automation, and advanced.

l recovery of rainwater and reuse of grey water with constructed wetlands.


​The building is a Beacon Project in the context of the european project PassREg that involved the PassivHaus Institut, Politecnico di Milano group (eERG), the office of the Energy Manager of the Sicily Region and Catania Province. The PassREg spreads the knowledge about the buildings of new generation , Passive Buildings to Zero Energy, in accordance with and as required by the european directives.

The research group on end uses of energy eERG - Politecnico di Milano has developed dynamic simulations, and currently has in place a monitoring system to collect scientific data on the use of passive houses in the mediterranean.


The Environmental Department of the University of Catania participated to the elaboration of the management plan of the water cycle

The  European association for the Third Industrial Revolution has adopted the project as an example of implementation of the second pillar of the TRI or Buildings with positive energy

Politecnico di Milano
Cetri Tires
eERG del Politecnico di Milano