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Certified Passive House Designer
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Born in 1964 in Catania , in Industrial Engineering performs its activities in the energy sector as a consultant of leading companies of international companies.

Since 2008 he is dedicated to the aspects of energy/environmental buildings through a holistic approach that ranges from the use quantity of the efficiency of the entropy-energy, environmental sustainability and the feasibility of technical and economic means to achieve the goal of the comfort and health of the occupants of the Smart Building.

Employs the planning protocols of the PASSIV HAUS INSTITUT (Darmstadt) teacher certificate and CASACLIMA Agency of Bolzano, which is certified consultant.

Member of the scientific committee of the European association of american economist Jeremy Rifkin


As a designer and builder of the first Sicilian building, project Botticelli, certified by the Passiv Haus Casaclima passes through the building Zero Energy that becomes the building energy positive. Evolve towards the paradgma of the building that produces energy instead of consuming it (TRI Third Industrial Revolution – Jeremy Rifkin).

He collaborates with the Politecnico di Milano group-eERG, for modeling project dynamics and the monitoring of the energy and environment of buildings in mediterranean climate.

The project Botticelli in Mascalucia has been the beacon houses the european PassReg ( for the study of the techniques of passivhaus in mediterranean climate. With project Quantum, together with the Poles, Milan is developing and studying the effects of automation and supersione of buildings, home automation, and its impact on the final energy consumption.

The study and use of home automation applied to passive buildings in mediterranean goes back to the acts of the conference AEIT 2009 as well as at the international level at the 17th International Passivhaus Conference in Frankfurt-Germany.

The president of the association IGPassivhaus-Sicily.en (, a member of the board of directors of the Network Casaclima Sicily is committed to promoting socially, information and training of citizens and technicians for the dissemination of the building of ethics made for man, where comfort, efficiency, thermodynamics, and sustainability are factors the hinges.

With the Study Associated is involved professionally in the realization of Smart Building certified by the Casaclima Agency of Bolzano and the research Institute of the German Passiv Haus Institut.

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Via 4 Novembre 68

95030 Mascalucia, Italy 

Tel:  + 39 328 78 12 722

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