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Build your new home with the Passivhaus, Casaclima, Zero Energy, Active House,

Class A1 to A4 methods.

Invest your savings well, Innovation at your fingertips.

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The construction of a building is governed by strict rules on energy efficiency. The energy savings often end with the release of  some Energy Performance certificate which is often paper application  of  summary  technical standards.

We act a detailed design of the Building-Systems wholly integrated and whose energy efficiency is achieved with passive systems as well as it is  functional to the Comfort and Healthiness for occupants of  homes  genelleary ambients where we work.

We apply only the protocols :

  • Passivhaus
  • Casaclima

Validated by years of monitoring and tens  thousands of buildings in all  climates cold  and  warm, humid  as well as Mediterranean climate, These buildings  are the   real and effective Technical and Economic solution for Efficiency, Comfort and Healthy outcomes.

The buildings designed Passivhaus/Casaclima are already :

  • NZEB Zero Energy
  • Active House

Therefore it is not enough to have a house with  windows or doors with  thermal cutting, Insulation coat  or  heat pump but with  same financial resources, you may obtain the Best, Beautiful, Works, Modern, Healthy and Safe Passive House.


​A building Passivhaus follows the rules of Passive Houses, but the performance "calculated" and adapted to the local climate. Developed by the Institute of German PHI there are 3 different types, depending on the amount and type of renewable energy used:

  • Classic
  • Plus
  • Premium

Build a building Passivhaus costs almost as much as a energy performing  building  but with a Passive House the economic advantages is pay back in few years  but with  Comfort and Health "certified" seriously  and effectivelly .

Contact us and our certified  experts  PH will help You  to learn how there are substantial differences compared to conventional  building .

Save energy seriously and get a Comfort and safety unparalleled.

Passivhaus Institut


The Energy agency of the Province of Bolzano has developed a design protocol  for construction of efficient  and healthybuildings . This protocol is mandatory for all new constructions in the Province of Bolzano.

The buildings are classified as Gold, and class A or B.

The class A or class B  Casaclima  does not correspond to that of national law  but is considerably more powerful because the rules of calculation are different and severe.

To produce a building with the quality certification Casaclima, you have to submit the design documentation  in advance and once  approved it allows you  to start  building construction.

The protocols of certification Casaclima target  also for Hotels, Offices , Wine Cellars as well as an entire Municipality management.


Zero Energy


Edificio Zero Energy

Dating from 2020 all new construction  will have to be NZEB-Nearly Zero Energy.

The energy needs of the building will have to be further reduced and covered almost entirely by renewable energy sources.

The buildings we designed  are already  NZEB  applying the protocols of construction Casaclima and Passivhaus, We, first,  focus  very low energy demand and then install the minimum possible renewable generation systems. 

Less is more ...... with a comfort high.  And with our home automation buildings are already Intelligent NZEB in accordance with the new legislation 2018/844/EU  that will soon be implemented also in Italy.

Positive Energy Building

Active house

Active house

Future legislation will transform buildings into energy producers "swap and sell" energy to the network and to the neighbors:  new prosumers

The buildings that we design with  Casaclima and Passivhaus are already ready  to be receive  the forthcoming regulations. 

The accumulation of energy with Storage systems  increase the self-consumption  of energy  and reduce mismatching with the network, as well as feed  the arrival of electric cars in our homes.

Building automation, simple, intuitive and managed via a smartphone allows the supervision and monitoring of the building by remote access.