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​Seismic  Safety, Energy Efficiency, Comfort

Go beyond the  Law minimum requirements  with the same economic spending

Do not lose the opportunity to do the  best.

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The renovation of a building is an aesthetic improvement,  but also an important opportunity for Energy Saving  and  Structural retrofits  but, above all,   occasion to improve  Comfort  of living .

Today, the legislation already requires substantial energy efficiency improvements but you can do better at the same cost using the best building techniques available in Europe as well as  Italy.

Secure your investment and get the maximum benefit possible.

Riqualification also means to solve the problems of the sick building syndrom and discomfort and deliver you a True Comfort and Certified  building  by third-party bodies independent.

We design only with the best protocols available today and above all validated by years of monitoring and validate outcomes :

  • EnerPHit (D)

  • Casaclima R (Bz)

It is not true that it costs more and  the quality pays off.

We starts from a diagnosis of the building envelope (walls, roof, windows, thermal bridges, air quality) which goes healed  and then the building technical systems .

A quality envelop that does not "lose" energy needs of small systems.

Casaclima R

This protocol is compulsory in  Province of Bolzano  and released  by the  Energy  Agency  belonging to local governament.

The protocol is implemented by engineers who are trained and certified by same Casaclima  agency.  Building Design  is audited and eventually approved  by  Agency Casaclima, which in the construction stage will then dispatch their own officials  for  yard  auditing too.

The final certification and the Label confirms the quality design and cnstruction . The value of the property increases over time for the certainty of low consumption and the high quality of comfort and energy efficiency  .

If  interested ,  please contact  us and our  desegners   certified Casaclima agency.



​It is the protocol of the Renovation and Retrofit  of the buildings developed by the German Institute for Passive Huses.

Years of experience in design and construction in all climates shows how you can eliminate the waste of energy even in buildings with historical constraints, and solve the problem of thermal bridges and acoustic retrofits  in  buildings which become  very low power demanding  and  with  a  comfort level  unmatched .

The retrofitting  may  also be scheduled through  late technical and economic phases. At the end of the process is issued the Certificate of Quality Enerphit .

If interested in,  please contact our specialists certified, Passivhaus.


Systems Retrofitting

After the building envelope, systems, conditioner, air conditioning, heat pumps, boiler. floor heating, plumbings  are responsible for maintaining the well-being as well as energy savings.

If you think to replace it, please know that it is often not the only first choice. Innovative systems with miraculous promises can not solve the problems of housing neglected.

Our technicians may help you ,  via a diagnosis of building-systems  and target your best   spending  solution , economically and technicallly, in order to solve  consumption issues and , above all,  the comfort and health  topics in your home or office.

Have you ever thought about a ventilation system with heat exchanger to get clean and healthy  air inside the house?


VMC  & Clima Systems