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Services & Innovation


Our study designs and delivers to customers the True Quality Certified.  Residential and tertiary buildings, offices, schools, restaurants, pharmacies where apply  "only" the best methods and protocols in European design and renovation: Passivhaus and Casaclima.

  • Energy design and comfort living

  • Restructuring of the existing even in  historical urban areas

  • Major renovation of the first level

  • Renovation and energy renovation of the second level

  • Requalification ofthe building envelope

  • Redevelopment of the systems technical

  • The resolution of the problems of Sick Building

  • Advice for your technical choices and economic

  • Certifications for the design and built has a quality mark of independent and verified to Economic Value.




Do you want to build or change the house? Invest well your money .

choose the innovation and the environmental and economic sustainability.

Did you know that with the current regulations of the new buildings but also renovations need to be efficient and healthy ? According to the regulations of the buildings today are equipped with photovoltaic panels and solar "series" and the energy certificate Class A1 or above as ........ appliances. Advised and if you already have your own designer, we can assist to help you apply the best protocols construction European energy and even anticipate European legislation, in 2020 on the buildings zero energy.

It is not a requirement but is an advantage to have houses that save, safe and healthy.

The ns. The Studio is specialized in the energy design of passive houses, Passivhaus (D) and Casaclima (BZ) , a synonym of Comfort and Real Energy Efficiency. We work "exclusively" with these protocols, and we design Buildings Zero Energy and Buildings Energy-Positive.

We do this at the same cost of a building Class.

The quality costs and returns to well-being and Savings.

Call us without obligation, we'll show you solutions.



​Do you want to renovate your house? then do it with the best techniques and at the same cost of renovation or rehabilitation conventional. It's an opportunity , you can't miss, intervene not only aesthetically, but, above all, to improve COMFORT and achieve real energy and water SAVINGS.

Today you have the obligation of energy performance certificate APE but go beyond .... and without costing more demand the certainty that you're spending your money , with tangible results in REAL and Certified.

We use the protocols CASACLIMA R and PASSIVHAUS EnerPHit . These protocols ensure that the design and construction of the works are controlled, verified and certified by third-party bodies independent... and without spending more.

Last but not least solve all the problems of sick Building such as Mold, Moisture, Draughts or Allergies.




The presence of Mold, Dampness and Stale Air , in the buildings, are the source of the "unknown" of many diseases, and allergies, also acute. The house generates discomfort to the people.

Many studies , that you find also on the website of the Ministry of Health, confirm that inside the house, where you think you are safe, you will find the sources of many diseases and illnesses.

Informed, please visit the institutional websites, or our dedicated page .

The problems of Sick Building are serious and if you have the slightest suspicion of having this problem, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Consulting &


We can help you with the design support but also with advice that will help you to clarify problems or issues dubious.

With the advice we will try together to analyze the causes of the problems and to find technical solutions and economically feasible.

Visit the dedicated webpage or Contact us, you will speak with the ns. technical specialists certified Passivhaus Institut (Germany) and the Agenzia Casaclima, Bolzano).


Offices &


Restructure the office, the school, the shop, the restaurant, the supermarket or the pharmacy is how to renovate your house; You, your employees or your customers need to feel well-being in the place where you work, or shopping .

The energy efficiency is definitely helpful for saving on the bill but the Health is much more than that. If you install suitable air conditioners, doors and windows, photovoltaic panels or solar innovative you can also clear the energy bill, but only if you have used a suitable and specialized design.

Fix on the place where you work (or guests, your customers, the problems of air quality. Poor acoustics, poor lighting, or poor air quality , disturb and keep their distance , unknowingly, customers in addition to being harmful to your health. Think about it ....


Systems &


Plants are Sustainable, Safe and Innovative.

The replacement of a traditional system with a new, often does not solve the problem indeed may appear worse as a constructive system needs a different approach.

Home automation integrates the control of air quality, temperature, humidity, mechanical controlled ventilation, lighting, cctv, alarm system and alert them to get on the tablet and on a mobile phone.

The new solutions are plant-housing should be simple, efficient, innovative and economic.



Why certify the building ?

Our studio promotes transparency in the design and construction of the yard.

For this, we motivate our clients to ask for the certifications issued by third party institutions and independent as the German Institute for passive houses and/or the Casaclima Agency of Bolzano, stands High and Real Quality.

We submit our own design to the examination of these Entities, which also occur in the construction phase with periodic audits ; we do not, we fear, on the contrary, it flatters us to prove our transparency .

The Certification is therefore a fundamental element of the GUARANTEE of the customer, which, by investing his savings must demand REAL Quality. The cost of certification starts from 1500 Euro and is calculated on the base to the surface.

It is worth to assure the quality of the investment ?