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New Built Single House in Monreale (PA)

14/02/2020 23:00

Sapienza & Partners

NEW CONSTRUCTION, #NuovaCostruzione, #NZEB, #ClasseA4,

New Built Single House in Monreale (PA)

Build detached Villa in Monreale (PA) with bricks, AAC concrete, autoclaved aerated . Class A4 NZEB


New Construction – single Villa NZEB-Monreale (PA)

The cottage will be built on a framed structure in concrete with the foundation to the audience.

The villa will be built in the Municipality of Monreale (PA), and has a design style that is modern, linear, simple and minimalist.

It will be equipped with ventilation system controlled, and the integration of climate at all-air ducted to obtain a high level of environmental comfort inside.

The primary objectives of the client is to realize a building with high comfort, Healthy and Energy Efficient conjugated to architectural design contemporary.

The building will be designed with cladding in brick, aerated concrete alternative to the “coat insulation” . The wall is “full” which provides the same insulation in the same thickness to the solution with insulating panels.

They analyzed the potential of thermal bridges with a study of specific finite elements are applied and the corrective action in accordance with the protocols Casaclima and Passivhaus. The ceiling of the flat roof will be insulated with a layer of mineral wool of the rock by 12cm


Energy project with methodology BIM


New Building Independent Villa

The beginning - the End of the work



Design and D. L.


Architectural Project

The Architect Emanuela DiGaetano


Energy Project

Mr. Carmelo Sapienza, Sapienza & Partners


Useful surface of the air-Conditioned 167mq

The gross Volume 790mc

S/V 0,71 m-1


Housing with High Energy Efficiency

Useful surface of the air-Conditioned 167mq

The gross Volume 790mc

S/V 0,71 m-1

Walls, Insulation bricks, Gasbeton high performance 40cm

Attic Insulation extra-off with 12cm mineral Wool

Insulation under flooring 6cm XPS

Windows and doors Uw=1.2 W/K square meters

Glazing B. E. Ug=1.6 W/K sq m, triple glass with spacer insulating

Solar Shading




Controlled Mechanical ventilation with Recuperator

Heating-Cooling with Fancoil ducted



System DHW Domestic Hot Water

Accumulation 300litri with Heat Pump and integration with no.2 panels, Thermal Solar.



Energy certification class A4 – NZEB-Nearly Zero-Energy Building

EPgl,nrens 5,2 kWh/sqm year

Note: A new Property that is similar would be an average of the classification A4 (36,84)